Dionysus, the god of festivity and pleasure, bestowed upon mortals the gift of his exquisite elixirs.
Within each drink is an instant encounter with splendors heretofore known only to the divine.

DIO is crafted from the world’s finest, all-natural ingredients, offering modern twists on classic cocktails
from around the world. Divinely distilled from Herculean-strength spirits, our luxurious libations
are sweetened sinlessly . . . so you don’t have to be.


Humble host. Indulgent innovator. Acclaimed author. Creative council to the celebrity soiree. Anyone who’s heard of Bronson van Wyck is unsurprised by his latest venture. Every devilish detail of his infamous parties is designed to create an experience and define a mood. His talent has drawn clients including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys and many more. If you haven’t had the chance to attend one of his events, you’re always invited to slide your fingers across the cover of his book “Born to Party, Forced to Work” and flip your way into his universe. Rooted in his belief that a delectable cocktail unlocks connection and conversation, the co-founder of DIO is offering a twist on timeless classics for elevated entertainment.

And when you decide to double down on decadence, it’s nice to have a partner.

Nick earned his stripes launching both hip LA brands and cutting-edge tech clients at several award-winning ad agencies. He started really making waves when he launched his own brand, PANGEA Swimwear, in 2016. Bradley’s travels inspired a treasure trove of swim trunks worthy of any full moon party in Tulum or a Malibu business lunch. Those same travels have landed him in some of the globe’s most exotic shindigs, further inspiring some of DIO’s worldly ingredients and flavors. Nick’s experience creating the PANGEA brand inspired Bronson van Wyck to call him up with an invitation too good to pass up.

Van Wyck and Bradley are an unstoppable pair of worldly gentlemen with a finger on the pulse of what the world needs now— an exquisite catalyst for an endless soiree. Both originally hailing from the south – van Wyck from Arkansas and Bradley from South Carolina – the culture of hospitality is engrained in their divine creations. Together, they’re transforming hosting at home with the divine elixir that is DIO.